Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Window Treatments Project #1

Actually, this post should be titled window treatments project 1, take two. My original plan was to create a roman shade for my sons bedroom window. I had already hung two magnet boards on either side of the window so I needed something that would fit inside the window. A regular roll up shade did cross my mind but that seemed very plain and not my style. I went out and bought a pattern, fabric, ring strips, nylon cording and whatever else the pattern called for. Once I got home and read through the pattern I changed my mind immediately. Lesson learned- step 1. read the pattern first!

I spent the next evening searching the internet for inspiration. Simple inspiration. I found a very cute blog with a link to tutorials on how to spruce up a plain roll up shade. Here it is
So now my plan was to try and cover a simple shade with fabric. I thought this would be a perfect project for the boys room and instantly thought of a starry night or planets fabric. I went out and bought all the supplies and picked up some spray adhesive to try in place of the E-6000 since I've used it before and I know what a sticky, toxic mess it can be.

My adventure begins...

First I rolled the shade out to make sure I had ample room to lay my fabric and "work".

 I ironed the fabric very well so that smoothing it down on the shade would be smooth and flat.

 In place of the E 6000 I sprayed the shade with this spray adhesive. Here's where my troubles appeared. I don't know if it was my lack of patience or if it really didn't stick. In the end I went with the E-6000 glue and it worked well. If I were to do this project again I would spray the shade heavily before applying the fabric and once the fabric was down I'd let it sit and set for an hour or two.
 The yard stick came in handy for smoothing the fabric on the shade. Sort of a scraping motion.

Before....                                                                                         After!

I used the left over strips that I cut from the edge of the covered shade to add a little accent to the basic valance. Overall I'm very happy with how this window came out and am planning on trying some other ideas with roll up shades for a few of the other windows I still have to do in the new house. There's 11 more windows and a set of sliding glass doors still to go!!

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