Friday, March 25, 2011

Kitchen Desk Organization

 Somewhere along the way the desk in the kitchen has become the dumping ground for school papers and clutter, as well as an extension of my husband's closet. I hate all things cluttered and messy and this area was stressing me out!

 Here are the before and after pictures..

I used a few of those super cool- basket's made of recycled magazines- that I already had but were not in use. I also hung a frame with pictures of my crazy kiddos when they were babies..

To help with drawer organization ( as you can see above, the one drawer was having difficulty shutting) I used a trick taught to me from my friend T...drawer organizers! Who'd of thunk it? They are often used for utensils and such in kitchen drawers but also work great in desks and dressers too. Tip- measure the depth of your drawer before purchasing to make sure they fit.

Aahh, much better!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In the Works...

This week I've been on spring break but my children have still been in school so I've used this time to accomplish some spring cleaning. I've been working on closets and drawers that have long been neglected. I still have many projects I want to do in my new house and now that I'm done with the things I have to do, I can get on with the things I want to do!

On my list of projects is my entryway. I'm looking to accomplish a combination of these two looks...

I love the idea of a simple table or bench along with some personal touches. Now that the weather is warming up a bit the local auction house will be back in action and I'm hoping to find the perfect piece for my entryway there. Really anything will be better than the shoe basket I have sitting next to the door now!

I also want a tufted headboard for my master bedroom. After pricing them I decided I could make one myself! I found a few very resourceful blogs to help in my planning and construction. I'm going to start this project after we return from our spring break trip. I plan on making one very similar to this...

As you can tell from my "inspiration" photos, I am a bit obsessed with Pottery Barn. I have PB taste but a Target budget ;)