Friday, January 21, 2011

Pelmet Boxes

Do you know what a pelmet box is? Don't feel bad, neither did I. In my search for window treatments I came across an adorable blog...little green notebook.  On her blog she provided a tutorial for pelmet boxes she'd made for her daughters bedroom. Although I wasn't brave enough to try anything other than a plain old rectangle shape I was inspired to at least try. Here is my finished project.

This was quite possibly the easiest and most cost effective project I've ever done. To create these I used...
  • 3 sheets of foam board
  • 3 yds fabric( including the extra for the accent pillows and lamp shade)
  • white duct tape
  • batting
  • photo hangers
  • staple gun
  • hot glue gun
Just cut the foam to fit your windows. Build the box by duct taping the sides together. Wrap it  in batting and fabric and staple along the underside til it's smooth and taunt. Epoxy or hot glue photo hangers onto the short sides of the box and mount.
Yes. It's really that easy!

Please feel free to share your boxes by emailing me pics at

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