Thursday, January 27, 2011

My fret over a rosette...

While looking for inspiration on decorating my mantle I came across a blog with a tutorial on making a paper rosette wreath. Go HERE to check it out. I've never made rosettes before but I've admired them from afar. I've seen them on headbands and even as jewelry and have wondered if they're as difficult as they look. This blog used tissue paper and basic glue, both of which I already had so I figured I'd give it a go.

In true Shanny fashion I didn't follow the tutorials directions exactly and decided to use the tacky glue instead. Of course, I was wrong. The glue stick worked best but it took a few tries for me to realize this. First I couldn't make any two the same size. Then I couldn't successfully get them to stick together tightly resulting in them unrolling thus giving me a craftastic headache! I regrouped and started over. This time smothering the paper in glue stick on both sides and and twisting it as tight as possible. 

 This was the end result.

In stead of making a wreath I wanted to make a heart shape of rosettes to prop up on my mantle. I cut out cardboard from my recycling box and painted the white side with red paint. I made a few white rosettes to outline the heart in and then fill the inside with red like this...

Next....I quit. Yep, you heard me right, I was a big fat quitter. I just didn't love how it was turning out. There was too much space between the inadequate rosettes and I decided to abort the whole project. As a matter of principal I put the rosettes in a bag instead of throwing them out since after all I had spent a lot of time on them. I'm not in LOVE with them but they're mine!

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