Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Build Your Own Fire Pit

 We recently hit the one year mark of living in our new home. On our list of projects has been a backyard patio and fire pit. We recently had a 300sq ft cement patio poured and decided to build our own fire pit. This idea was born from a local nursery trying to sell us a fire pit kit for a cool $900!! What ?? They sell the same bricks at walmart for $2 each. A little old school math skills, a shovel, good old elbow grease and we successfully built our own for less than $150!
 My hunky hubby had plenty of leftover dirt from our patio to create our fire pit area. We used a stick, string, and a little shovel to mark the circle.
Spray paint to mark our circle.

Next, we went round and round the circle offsetting the bricks until it was three levels high. The bricks are pretty darn heavy so we decided not to use any mortar or adhesives.

 The finished product!

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