Monday, October 4, 2010

The Nana Afghan

This is my Nana ( and Bubba), my Father's parents. Growing up my Nana was always crocheting. She made all sorts of items including baby clothes, baby doll clothes, and of course afghans. She often used multi color yarn or stripes and when it came to color, the brighter the better!

Last spring break the kids and I headed down to Calabash, NC to visit with my Aunt Kathy( my dad's sister) at her beach house.  I knew my aunt also crocheted and was hoping I could get my paws on some of my Nana's old patterns. Unfortunately she didn't have any of them but she did have an afghan pattern that she often used. It was also very similar to the pattern Nana used for afghans. Thus beginning my ripple afghan project.

My biggest hurdle with crochet or knitting is that I am a perfectionist. I can be 50 inches into a 72 inch scarf and if I think my gauge is a little off I will rip the entire thing out and start all over in an instant. My aunt shared a Nana story that quite possibly reveals where this trait comes from.-  One day a niece of Nana's came over with a king size afghan that she was very proud of and wanted to show off to her. After looking it over Nana noticed that her ripples were a bit off and made her undo the entire thing and start over. Maybe my urges to rip out imperfections and start over is just my Nana keeping me in my place.

With moving, summer vacation and getting the kids back to school I am finally back to work on my "Nana Afghan". I'm planning on making some in a baby size to sell in my etsy shop. Completing a large one is no small task and not one I see taking on anytime soon... once I've completed this one!

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